24 Apr Rockin Walls Review on First Defense Nasal Screens

One night I was watching a TV show on ABC called Shark Tank. The show is about people with inventions who present their product to sell the concept to a board of investors. The investors may or may not accept buying or investing.


This one episode had a new product called First Defense Nasal Screens ™. The best part about this product – it works! When I’m out all day moving stone, shaping stone, digging dirt…..DUST – DUST – DUST. Nothing that looks good at the end of the day when I have to blow my nose. To sum it up I love the idea of protecting my lungs and health. But not at the cost of wearing a face mask which I have to feel like I’m suffocating in. Dust masks also cause my glasses to fog up and make me feel hot. I just hate them. Only in extreme situations will I wear a real dust mask or filter system. For example cutting stone with a gas saw.


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