I am an avid outdoorsman and have spent 34 years trying to avoid hazardous smoke, paint, dust, planting lime and fertilizers. After an extreme allergic reaction to lime, I found First Defense Nasal Screenstm and have not had any problems since. I recommend First Defense Nasal Screens™ to all my employees and sportsman associates.

written by Jack Wilcox, General Manager, Wilcox Steel from Clearwater, FL

A friend suggested First Defense Nasal Screens™ to me after I expressed problems breathing the smoke filled air in Gainesville. I tried your product and found odor was greatly reduced; I also experienced zero breathing problems. I was so impressed with the durability of the adhesive that I even slept with them on! Thank you, First Defense.

written by Dr. J. Talbert from Gainesville, FL

Thank you for answering my comment. It’s so very important to people like me to know that we are being heard.

Your product is amazing, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to use them. I do use them 24/7, except once or twice every month when I give my nose a rest from the adhesive. I don’t mind the way they look, although a clearer center (or ‘shadowed’ like the inside of the nose) would be helpful (this is what others tell me when they look at me wearing them).

They are so much nicer than a mask, which is too hot for where I live. I have bad hot flashes a lot so masks of any kind are out. And Texas is too humid as well for me to use them.

I kept good records of the last six months using these, as I was of the mind that if they did not stick in Texas weather, then I would not continue to use them. I thought it was nothing more than a pipe dream that they would. Much to my surprise, although they had difficulties, the difficulties were not insurmountable with a little help from skin prep. (If you want a record of my actual difficulties for your records let me know)

WOW!! I have gone through all the hot summer months (in the 100’s) with these, and its been FANTASTIC! While a few in some packages did not stick well at all, (and sometimes I sweat the adhesive right off) the rest did very well.

I have been out and about all summer, and that is the biggest, hugest difference so far. No more nights sleeping on a chair because I couldn’t lay down with severely stuffed up sinuses (even with 3 zyrtecs in me!) just because I went out for a few hours. I can walk to my daughter’s house without taking Kleenex with me. IT’S AMAZING! I wore them to my daughter’s wedding as well, which was outdoors, and we were there for hours celebrating. I had no repercussions, either! I can dust and sweep my house without sneezing and dripping all over the place, which interferes with my cleaning.

The other major difference is that I quit taking zyrtec all during those six months, except for the days I let my nose rest from the adhesive. That right there is absolutely life changing! NO MORE POPPING PILLS! I don’t know if you can understand what a relief it is to be able to not take pills, powders or anything internally that might have severe side effects years later, just to be able to function. This, to me, is a VERY BIG DEAL.

I don’t seem as susceptible to colds as much, either, since when I’m around other people I am wearing these. I wash my hands a lot anyway, but usually I get a cold anytime the weather changes a little bit, and its not happening. I didn’t get sick during spring (which Texas actually had this year!), and have not been sick At all these six months now that I think of it. It also relieved the sinus pressure that was apparently causing my teeth to ache. That was a pleasant surprise.

They are slightly more expensive than the zyrtec they replaced, but they work 100 times better. Thank you so much for creating these! And yes, you can use this to tell everyone who will listen that this product is AWESOME and deserves a lot of attention. I’m telling everyone I know.

Thank you,

CL Texas

written by Cathy from Lewis

Accidentally, I was hunting for a show to watch on t.v. and stumbled upon Shark Tank. After your presentation, I said to my husband, your product was a solution to my very real, expensive problem of inhalation of odors which cause my migraines. This is not only a Godsend product, but after almost a month of wearing your Nasal Screens, I am so much better sinus-wise with less migraines, and if I forget to put them on to walk the dogs, my nose begins to drip almost immediately.

Being a retired nurse, I recognize the significant benefit your product can contribute to all societies. My husband flew commerical aircraft for the Saudi King Saud and flew in all Arab countries. When you mentioned to the “sharks” you had an $8 million contract with the United Arab Emirates, he immediately said, “Well of course they would want them, there is so much sand blowing around…”. (He actually would transport sand into Saudia Arabia because their type of sand is not the correct consistency to make concrete.)

In any event, I know you must be deluged with offers, but I will make you one you cannot refuse. We will be returning to my home in AZ this week. Sun City and Surprise, AZ are both meccas for seniors. We are both seniors as well, and I intend to create such a phenomenon for your product and given my sales/contact abilities, you will have more orders than you can handle! I would even suggest creating a factory in Surprise, and use seniors to make your products as the City of Surprise just landed two solar companies from Spain, and there is plenty of natural human resources. Go to www.cityofsurprise.com and learn about this great little city.

My price for the publicity you will get? Nothing. I do not care about the financial rewards, only that people can breath and live a longer life. My sister has bronchiecstasis, and just had a fungus ball removed from her nasal cavity via an air jet stream which rendered her unconscious for that procedure. I don’t want anyone else to have to experience such pain. Arizona is teeming with haute viruses, T.B., and valley fever. Stopping inhalation of such pathogens will create healthier individuals.

Thank you for creating a very useful, beneficial, and healthy way of life! I wish you all the success life has to offer.

written by Ferris W from Sun City, AZ

I just received my first order of the First Defense nasal screens yesterday evening. A competitor’s product literally arrived in the mail at the same time.

I have suffered from allergies since my childhood. Pollen and animal dander are two allergens that affect me the most, with pollen being the most prevalent for me. A few years ago, I moved to the city I am in now. A city that prides itself in its prevalence of trees to the point where a city official has to give approval before urban trees can be removed or planted.

As you may be aware, tree pollen bothers a lot of allergy sufferers. Also, with many open fields that are undeveloped and that receive natural irrigation, weeds are quite prolific here. Following the daily pollen reports, this time of year, weed pollen pegs the ‘very high’ level for many days in a row.

Nasal congestion is the biggest symptom I suffer, though I also have a [delayed] skin reaction to airborne allergens as well. Due to federal law, pseudoephedrine [Sudafed] has become a restricted purchase drug. As this has been the only medicine that has ever been effective in opening my congested nasal passages, having to check the calendar to make sure I am under the legal limit and having to show my driver license before purchasing more has been an unwanted burden.

I actually tried the competitors product first. Despite the fact that the foam filters expanded my nostrils (to the point where it made my nose look bigger), I didn’t notice any positive effect. I definitely wouldn’t want to be seen at work or in public with the competitor’s product. It actually made me look like I had just had my nose medically ‘packed’ due to an injury or surgery.

In contrast, after I removed the competitors product from my nostrils and applied First Defense, I could almost immediately feel the difference. My nasal passages felt more open and less congested almost immediately, and continued that way until I removed the product before going to bed. When I woke up, I wished I had not removed First Defense, and I am going to wear the product while sleeping.

As you are aware, it is difficult to find a viable solution for allergy sufferers to filter the air they breathe. Though various types of filter face masks are commonly available, for most people, it is not practical [or socially acceptable] to wear a mask throughout the day. I work in public safety, and unless an emergency is in progress, wearing a filter mask has a derogatory affect on dealing with the community I serve. With the prevalent flu pandemics and such, seeing someone in uniform wearing a mask causes most people some anxiety, and that can be counterproductive.

If my initial success with your product continues (which I am certain it will) First Defense will be a viable and practical solution to help relieve my allergy symptoms. As surgery with uncertain results is my only remaining alternative to relieving my nasal congestion issues, I have to say that First Defense is a welcome alternative.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and for inventing and developing a great product!

written by Tim W

I used First Defense Nasal Screens™ during the smoke and haze of the recent fires and they helped tremendously. Unlike a full-faced mask that tends to fog my glasses, your product does not cover my whole face and is surprisingly inconspicuous. After the first few minutes, I completely forgot I had them on. Thanks!

written by Shayne Dukkette, Letter Carrier, United States Postal Service from Dunedin, Florida

On May 11, 2007, I looked outside and observed a very smoky atmosphere due to the Florida wildfires. Having been diagnosed in 2004 with Bronchiectasis, I immediately put on First Defense Nasal Screens™ and went out. These filters worked so well, I stayed outside for an hour and ten minutes! Never before would I have done this under such terrible smoke conditions. Kudos to you for having a product that really works.

written by David D. Harding from Pinellas County, FL

I was lucky enough to speak with you on the phone this morning when I ordered a month supply of your nasal screens.

I am allergic to cat dander. We have two cats and I did not know realize that the cats were the cause of my chronic allergy problem until I had allergy testing. My more serious allergy problem is rag weed, I live in the Midwest and from the end of August to October I take prescription medications and steroid injections to get me through the “allergy season”.

This week I started using your nasal screens. I tried them for two days and thought they were working well, then this morning (day three) I tried going without your nasal screens and my sinuses were just on fire. You have such a simple product, yet it seems more effective and is certainly safer than drugs. I plan to give you an update during rag weed season.

written by David Cosens from Blue Springs, MO

I have worked in the same office 4 years and no problems until 6 months ago. I am allergic to something here. We cleaned the vents and shampooed the carpets but still I can hardly breathe and I make my living on the phone. I have Actifed, Claritan, Benadryl, Flonase etc. and they helped a little but not enough. I saw this on Shark Tank and thought I would give it a try. It’s amazing. I still sneeze a couple of times a day but I can breathe, my sinuses don’t close up and I don’t sound nasally. Thanks so much!

written by Nikki H.

I saw your product on Shark Tank. I moved from Miami to Indianapolis in 1999 and immediately started having allergy problems of coughing up mucus 24/7, but I refused to take allergy shots each month for one year to address the problem. I tried various allergy filter machines and other natural remedies without any success. First Defense nasal screens provided me with allergy symptom relief for the first time in 11 years. Thank you for such an excellent product. Thank you.

written by Diane Dennis from Inianapolis

My son has allergies to chemicals, perfume and cologne being major problems. We have religious meetings two days a week that he has been unable to attend personally due this. I ran into an old friend who told me about this product she saw on Shark Tank. (I never had heard of the show myself). I checked into it and order the small supply. My son tried it and it worked! We are glad to have discovered this. He had tried a mask before but it was uncomfortable. Once his friends thought the nasal screens were cool, he was good with them. Thank you so much for such a great product.

written by Joan from Hudson, WI

I am a 25 year flight attendant, I work for American Airlines. This product is phenomenal! Working with the traveling public on a constant basis, as well as dealing with constant time zone and weather changes is really hard on the immune system. I had actually invented my own version of this (not even close to as effective), because I was tired of being tired. My mother called me when she saw this on shark tank, and I ordered it the next day. First Defense does not require me to put substances in my body, it just filters the air. “This product is inconspicuous enough to wear at work, unlike face masks”. Thanks

written by Pamela M

God Bless You!!!!!During the Huge Fire season a couple years ago in NorCal, I started using your product. I have very bad allergies, and spend 90% of my time outdoors and let me tell you, I am a convert. They are great when I am hauling dirt at my job, but they are Heaven sent for when I am on my motorcycle especially since I don’t even own a car! I have been using them since, and have turned so many people on to them. Once again, God Bless you!

written by M. S. Taylor from Cottonwood, CA