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This subscription option takes the hassle of ordering and keeping up to date on your First Defense Nasal Screens out of the way. This subscription will send 4 sets of nasal screens to your doorstep each month. Now you can can prevent your allergies and reduce your risk of exposure to viruses and bacteria. You can decrease the exposure you have to pollutants and harmful inhaled chemicals. You won’t have to find yourself in a bind hoping you have enough Nasal Screens on hand.

The best way to get your Nasal Screens is through this worry free subscription. The Nasal Screen is made with hypo-allergenic, non-latex materials that allow you to breath in freely while blocking and flushing out any contaminants. The patented process is able to block out 99% of particles 10 microns or above and 90% of particles 1 micron and above.

85% of people tested have been able to either stop taking allergy drugs or dramatically reduce their use by using the First Defense Nasal Screens.

Each individually re-sealable package includes 7 sets. Each set lasts up to 24 hours of use.
The Nasal Screens are as effective as a mask but so comfortable and discreet you can wear them anywhere.
Peel and stick, don’t get sick.

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