Reduce your exposure to the ongoing contaminants you encounter each day.

As a healthcare professional you are on the front lines fighting against harmful illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria. Illnesses like the flu and cold are highly contagious.


Instead of limiting exposure to people that are infected, you choose to help and work to heal those that are sick.


We LOVE our healthcare professionals and want to see you have as much protection as possible.


The First Defense Nasal Screens are able to filter out up to 99% of all particles you inhale.


This reduces your exposure to the viruses and bacteria you come in contact with every day.
      increase of death rates to 1st responders due to lung disease
0 %

What you inhale is one of the overlooked risks you face as a 1st responder.


With the daily exposure to pollution, chemicals, and the allergens you face every day you are at a higher risk of the long-term effects of contaminants than the average American. As a result, there has been a 30% increase since 1980 in death rates of first responders due to lung disease.

Wearing a mask can get in the way of fulfilling your primary role as a first responder. Now you can reduce the exposure you have to respiratory illnesses by wearing our Nasal Screens.

These Nasal Screens are effective, discreet, and comfortable to wear.


The biggest threat is often the one you cannot see.


In the military, you put your life in harms way each and every day, however, one threat is a combatant you often aren’t even aware of, inhaled contaminants.

Dust, pollution, viruses, bacteria can all lead to long-term health issues. The environments you face are some of the harshest on the planet. Just as you wear protective gear to protect your body you can wear the Nasal Screens to reduce the exposure to your lungs and respiratory system.


Protecting our children and our teachers; a top priority


Schools can be a breeding ground for all sorts of sickness. One child bringing a cold, or flu to the classroom can be exponentially shared.

Whether it’s cold season, flu season or allergy season it seems like there is always something you need to watch out for.

The First Defense Nasal Screens filters up to 99% of particles 10 um. or larger. This means you will reduce your exposure to getting sick and even prevent allergies.

It is comfortable and discreet. With sizes for adults and children. Now you can breathe free.

7 of 10
parents admit to sending a sick child to school

Inhaling recycled air all day poses a risk of exposure to contaminants


Within the airline industry, you are breathing in recycled air and in close quarters with people all day long.


This exposes you to contaminants like viruses, bacteria and germs.


The First Defense Nasal Screens allow you to comfortably and discreetly reduce the risk you put on your respiratory system by filtering the air you breathe.
                          of the worlds population suffer from allergies
0 %

Being on the go exposes you to many different environments, each one with a different set of respiratory risks.


No matter what agency you work for there is a lot required of you. You are constantly on the go. You are exposing yourself to contaminants and pollutants everywhere you are.

Now you can protect yourself as you go throughout your day. Reduce your risk from pollution, dust and other harmful particles that you inhale. Prevent allergies for causing serious discomfort and illness. Get your Nasal Screens and live your life.


Prolonged exposure to contaminants can lead
to respiratory illnesses, asthma, lung disease
and even cancer.


Your working environment can expose you to chemicals, dust, and other harmful particles. These foreign particles can find their way into your respiratory system and build up. Over time this may
cause damage to your health, and could even lead to cancer.

Finding solutions to reduce your exposure to this environment
is important. Now you can comfortably filter out up to 99% of the
particles that you inhale with the First Defense Nasal Screens.

Simply peel from the adhesive backing and stick to the bottom
of your nose covering the holes. Now you are able to reduce the
exposure to these particles within your workplace.


Reduced exposure to pollution and chemical fumes to have a better working environment


Working in the transportation industry puts you in the mix of daily exposure to pollution and chemical fumes. The health effects of breathing in these pollutants over time can have a serious affect on your health. Now globally inhalation of ambient air pollution leads to 7 million pre-mature deaths each year. You need to protect yourself.

Now you can reduce the respiratory exposure you face by using Nasal Screens. Nasal Screens can reduce the number of ambient particles you inhale by up to 99%.

These easy to apply and comfortable screens will allow you to breathe easy.

deaths each year caused by air pollution

The environment you work in requires protection. What about the air you breath?


In the construction industry, you are exposed to contaminants and allergens all day. Many of them you don’t even see. Whether it’s pollution, chemicals, dust, or even one of many allergens throughout the year you are constantly inhaling particles that you don’t know what they contain.


Inhalation of these foreign materials can lead to respiratory illness, cancer and even death. Just like the equipment you use to protect other areas of your body you need to protect the air you breathe.


Now you can filter these contaminants and reduce what you are breathing in with the First Defense Nasal Screens.


The Nasal Screen is able to filter up to 99% of all the ambient particles you breathe in.

up to               
efficiency rating.

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As a non-profit, you and your volunteers are subjected to millions of contaminants simply from the air you breath.


As you are striving to do good in the world you are surrounded by foreign ambient particles that could carry viruses, bacteria, pollutants, and allergens.

What can you do to protect your team from potentially inhaling these substances?

The Nasal Screens will reduce the respiratory exposure and even prevent allergies by filtering out up to 99% of the ambient particles they take in through their nostrils. Now you can breathe free.