In ABC’s Season Premiere of the hit reality show “Shark Tank” Joe Moore, President & CEO of the First Defense Nasal Screen Corporation stunned the sharks and millions of viewers nationwide when he turned down Robert Herjavec’s offer of $4,000,000.

If someone didn’t know it was the Shark Tank they might have thought it was a high priced auction as the offers started at $500,000 from Kevin O’Leary, and escalated from there. $ 800,000 to Daymond John, $1,000,000 to Kevin only to be countered by Daymond and his own $1,000,000 offer. Smelling blood and money Robert Herjavec quickly entered the bidding with a $2,000,000 offer, which Joe without hesitation declined.

Then it happened, a record breaking $4,000,000 offer from Robert with 10% royalties for life.
The tension was thicker than chum as the other sharks looked at each other in a frenzy of surprise and possibly disappointment realizing that they had just missed out on the financial chance of a life time in the world’s next billion dollar product “First Defense Nasal Screens.”


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